Site Requests

Please Remember: Requesting a site in no way guarantees that your unit will be assigned your preferred site! There are a finite number of arrangements that will meet the basic need of ensuring that all units have the appropriate space. Requesting a site merely helps us pick the arrangement where the most units get the site they wish!

Requests may only be submitted by the leader of your unit’s camp contingent.

How Site Preferences Will Work

Three weeks or more before a unit’s set to come to camp, the unit may request a campsite through the campsite request form which will be posted here and sent in an email once done. Only your unit leader should make this request and submissions by others will simply confuse things. Between one and two weeks before your unit’s arrival, you’ll be contacted with your site assignment. If you did not receive the site you requested and your unit does not have a medical need, please know we’ve made an extensive effort to accommodate everyone. If you requested a site for a medical reason and did not get a site that fits your needs please contact us immediately.

If your unit has requested a site via phone or email and not through this form, that request has not been taken into consideration. Ockanickon is also not responsible for simply knowing what site your unit prefers. While we thank returning units for continuing to experience or program, the person doing site assignments may have changed from the last time your unit was in camp.

How Site Preferences Are Observed

Ensuring space will always win in the process of assigning sites followed by medical need most often due to a need for power or location due to low mobility. Once everyone fits and medical necessities have been observed all other site preferences will be done such that the most number of units can be accommodated in the available space. Site assignments are not first come first serve. The time of your submission is unimportant as long as it occurred at least three weeks ahead of time and early submissions are no more likely to be observed than those that come exactly three weeks ahead of time. While we thank units’ punctuality and timeliness, our ultimate goal is to observe as many requests as possible.

When sites are assigned, they are done to capacity such that each person has a bed. Leaders are not accorded extra space and if a unit has a single female leader she shouldn’t take an adirondack.

Cases with More than One Unit in a Site

Ockanickon’s sites are often bigger than the units in them such that two or more units share a single site. Determining where everyone stays in a site with more than one unit is the job of the unit leaders and will not be done by Ockanickon. When your unit receives its site assignment, the contact information for the other units’ leaders will be included so you can make these arrangements ahead of time. Ockanickon offers site schematics so units can see how a site is arranged and can make the appropriate arrangements on where everyone will stay. Ockanickon will move neither tents nor adirondacks and units may not either.

Please remember, site preferences are an additional service Ockanickon is trying to offer. Should this offering prove to do more harm than good, Ockanickon will simply return only allowing requests out of medical necessity.

Power Availability Power is only made available to units that require power due to medical need. Given this, only a few sites have power and these sites may not have sufficient capacity house large units. Please know, you may need a battery backup to provide power should the site not have sufficient access. Units must also provide their own extension cords. Usually a 150′ cord will suffice.

Changing Unit Count within Three Weeks of Arrival

If your unit fails to submit a roster three weeks before arrival including youth and leader count both male and female, sites will be assigned based on the most recent estimate you’ve sent. If your numbers up, please plan on bringing tents to cover the additional number as they will not have been included in the site calculation. Please also be aware that there is a $100 fee for changes in numbers within three weeks of your arrival.

Site Capacities

Each site has some combination of tents (capacity=2) and adirondacks (capacity=6)

Approximate layouts of each site are available (Campsite Schematics and Inventory).  Each site has a sheet and they’re listed alphabetically.

Site Tents Adirondacks Total Power within Extension Cord Distance* (For medical devices only)
Ajapeu 12 7 66
Algonquin 10 3 38 Yes
Bischewi 15 5 60 Yes
Campways 31 0 62 Yes
Hopi 7 2 26
Lenape 29 0 58
Mohawk 29 0 58
Neshaminy 18 0 36
Ottawa 4 7 50 Yes
Quabosco 22 5 74 Yes
Seneca 26 1 58
Shagbark 12 4 48 Yes
Tamanend 7 3 32
Tohickon 24 0 48
Wakoda 6 5 42 Yes

To be completed only by your unit’s contingent leader
*- Units that request power must bring their own extension cords. In most cases a 100′ cord will do.

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