Policies & Procedures

Detailed information about the camp’s policies on medications in camp, dealing with food allergies and dietary concerns, and Ockanickon’s procedures on medical emergencies can be found on the Camp Health Policies page.

Detailed information about camp fees can be found on the Camp Fees page.

Accident Insurance – All troops attending camp are required to carry current accident insurance for their unit.  Documentation is only needed for units in Councils who do not provide blanket coverage for their units.

Bicycles in Camp – Anyone riding a bike must wear a helmet. Scouts may only bring bikes for the Mountain Biking program. Scouts may not ride around camp except as part of this program, and must submit their bike to inspection by the Adventure Sports Director. Leaders may bring a bike to ride around camp, but must observe the 5 MPH camp speed limit, and must submit their bike to inspection at the request of the Camp or Adventure Sports Director. Leaders may not ride after dark.

Daily Inspections – A safety checklist is provided to your unit, and your junior leadership is required to inspect their camp each day for the items listed on it. The Camp Commissioner Staff may also conduct safety inspections of your campsite daily and as needed.

Emergency Procedures – All emergencies must be reported immediately to the Camp Management, Health Officer, or the nearest staff member. In the event the camp emergency signal sounds, please return immediately to your campsite and begin accounting for each of your Scouts. Staff runners will report to each campsite to collect head-counts and to pass along any pertinent information. For more specific information concerning emergency procedures, please refer to your campsite bulletin board.  In the case of severe weather during the day, campers may be retained in program areas. During the evening, campers may be evacuated to camp buildings at the direction of the camp director.

Firearms in Camp – Personal firearms and bows are prohibited on camp property. We already have the finest target rifles available. Only camp arrows and ammunition may be used. B.S.A. policy forbids the use of handguns as part of a Boy Scout program.

Fireworks in Camp – Fireworks are not permitted in camp. Violators will be expelled with no refund.

Fishing Licenses – Campers 16 and over who wish to fish at Ockanickon are required by state law to have a fishing license.  These are available through the state web page and through some local merchants located approximately 25 minutes from camp.

Hazing in Camp – Hazing will not be tolerated at camp. Your unit leadership is responsible to see that it does not occur.

Illegal Drugs & Alcohol in Camp – Illegal drugs and alcohol are prohibited on camp property. The use of or the possession of any illegal drugs or alcohol on camp property will result in immediate expulsion from the property. Local and state authorities will be contacted.  All prescription medication must be kept with the Health Officer, or locked in an approved container in your campsite.

Knives & Axes in Camp – Those Scouts using knives and axes at camp will be required to carry a Totin’ Chip card signifying that they have completed a basic axe and knife safety course. Sheath knives are not permitted in camp. The purchase of knives at the Trading Post requires the possession of a current Totin’ Chip card.

Leaving Camp – Anyone, Scout or leader, who is leaving camp MUST first check out at the Camp Office (or at Totem Lodge with the Duty Officer, between 5PM & 8AM) and check in upon returning. Scouts are not permitted to leave camp unless they are signed out by their adult leader at the Camp Office in the presence of a parent or legal guardian. All visitors picking up Scouts at camp must also sign in and sign out. Remind parents that this process can take some time and to plan accordingly.

Liquid Fuels in Camp – Liquid fuel such as white gas, unleaded gas, or kerosene must be stored in a lockable non-flammable container.

Lost & Found – All lost and found items should be turned into the camp office. Leaders are encouraged to have each Scout label his belongings with his name and troop number before his arrival at camp. Lost and found items are located at Totem Lodge or the camp office. Scouts should also check the program areas they may have visited for lost items.

Off Limits Areas – For safety reasons, certain areas of camp are off limits. The rifle range, shotgun range and archery range are off limits except to participants who have been given permission to enter by the Area Director. The pool and boating areas are off limits when unstaffed. The maintenance area and staff quarters are restricted access areas.

Parking – All vehicles must be parked at the camp parking lot located near the lake. Permits to park in camp are available for handicapped persons through the Health Officer.

Personal Hygiene – The camp environment is often very conducive to the transmission of illness. Due to this, all campers and staff are encouraged to shower regularly and always wash their hands before meals. It is important that everyone keep themselves reasonably clean. Hand sanitizer is also available at most of the latrines in camp.

Pets in Camp – State health and safety codes specifically forbid dogs and other pets at camp during the camping season. No exceptions.

Quartermaster – The QM is located at the Welcome Center (across from the Dining Hall) and has hours listed on the Master Schedule. All equipment and supplies must be signed out. Damaged or lost equipment will be charged to your unit. (Emergency toilet paper supplies may be obtained at Totem Lodge at all other times.)

Requesting a Campsite – Units can request a campsite.  Units with facility necessities will get first choice of campsites.  Campsite submissions can be submitted any time. You may email your request to Leanne at LVASOLD@BSAMAIL.ORG until May 2nd. After the May 2nd’s Leader Meeting your request can be emailed to questions@ockanickon.org with the subject line “Campsite Request”.  Please include your name, unit, week and preferred campsite with all requests.  Units may also request to stay with a particular unit staying their week, and those requests can be submitted via the same channels. Please remember that the site requested is not guaranteed and medical needs will receive priority where possible.

Swim Tests – Units are strongly encouraged to administer swim tests before camp. If a unit completes swim tests before arriving, properly printed buddy tags can be ready for the unit on arrival and can save time during Sunday Check-In. Swim tests can be administered by a BSA Aquatics Instructor, BSA Aquatics Supervisor, BSA Lifeguard or Red Cross Lifeguard. Test details are included as part of the Swim Test Record itself and this document can be mailed or faxed to Ockanickon once complete. Swim Test Record (PDF)Swim Test Record (Editable RTF)

Telephone, Faxes, Mail & Email – Ockanickon Scout Reservation’s telephone number is to be used for emergencies and camp business only. The camp telephone number is: (215) 297-5290. The camp’s fax number, (215) 297-8702, is also to be used for business purposes only. Faxes sent to individual campers will not be delivered. Mail service is provided to all campers and staff. Outgoing mail should be deposited by 10:00AM each morning and stamps are available at the camp Trading Post. The mailbox is located on the Camp Office porch. Letters to campers should be addressed as follows:

Scout’s Name
Troop #, Campsite Name
Ockanickon Scout Reservation
5787 State Park Road
Pipersville, PA 18947

The camp’s email address is for business use only and emails addressed to campers can not be delivered. Thank you for your understanding.

Tobacco Policy – The use of tobacco products is discouraged by the B.S.A. Adults who use these products are asked to refrain from using tobacco products in the presence of Scouts, or smoking in doorways or on porches. Please use the designated areas. (Next to Totem lodge, behind the chimney next to the building.)

Trees – Trees are a valuable resource. No tree, living or dead, may be cut down without the permission of the Camp Director. Units will be charged if they violate this policy.

Troop wide Restrictions – Unit leaders have the prerogative to not allow their Scouts to participate in some activities or deny Scouts usage of specific departments, facilities or tools.  These policies will not be expressly enforced by the Ockanickon Camp Staff but we will support you in these decisions.

Uniforming – Articles of clothing that exhibit slogans or products that are against Scouting principles are prohibited on camp property. The official Boy Scout Field Uniform (worn correctly) which includes the uniform shirt, socks and shorts, is proper dress for dinner (unless otherwise announced). During the week, uniform parts can be obtained through Washington Crossing Council by making a request at the Trading Post. During the day, dress may be shorts and t-shirts. No tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or bathing suits are to be worn during meals. Footwear is required at all times. Scouts seen wearing open-toed shoes will be sent to their camp site to change footwear.

Visitors in Camp, Sundays and Saturday Mornings Only – Parents may accompany their Scouts to camp on Sunday and leave by 7:00PM. Visitors may be asked to leave earlier if weather conditions or lack of parking space warrant it. No visiting during the week is permitted. Leadership changes must check in at the Camp Office when they arrive. All visitors (who are here to pick up a Scout) must sign in and out at the Camp Office or with the Duty Office after 5:00 PM. Prior approval or check-in/check-out is not required for visitors on Saturday morning. All leadership changes, late arrivals, early departures and any other event requiring a Scout to leave between check in Sunday and check out on Saturday, must be made no later than closing time (5:00 PM) on Sunday.

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